City of Oehringen
Tower keeper Fritz Offenhaeuser

The verified and documented history of Öhringen dates back to Roman times, at the minimum.

Even back then, the Romans capitalized on the excellent location and favourable topography of the area by building a significant border location at the Obergermanisch-Raetischen Limes (Upper Germanic & Rhaetian Limes).

Two Roman forts in the present day city region and another one at the adjacent northern district of the Zweiflingen community are impressive witnesses of Öhringen’s historic development.

Although its military importance decreased bit by bit, the city at the river Ohrn held an outstanding political, social and economic significance for the surrounding area and the entire region of Hohenlohe during all periods.
The sights presented here are parts of the newer and tangible city history that can be experienced to this day.

To provide a reasonably thorough overview of the elements of the city of Öhringen, which should not be missed, many other buildings and facilities will need to be mentioned.

Simply come, visit us, and get to know Öhringen through a guided city tour or by strolling through town on your own.

You will be amazed at how many surprises the metropolis of Hohenlohe has to offer, and you will realize that the various historic periods are not far from each other after all.

For example...: Blasturm / Collegiate Church

"The climb to the top of the tower of Oehringen Collegiate Church is steep and takes a little effort.

However, it rewards you with a fantastic, allround view of the multifaceted Hohenlohe countryside.

If I can accompany you or if you find me on the tower gallery, I will be delighted to tell you about the richt history of the region and my hometown in particular.

As a tower keeper with a pronounced sense of tradition I am convinced that the spirit fo the good old days still prevails in Oehringen."

Fritz Offenhaeuser
- baker and tower keeper in Oehringen -