Welcome to Oehringen!

Lord Mayor Thilo Michler

Oehringen has a population of nearly 23,000 inhabitants and is the largest city in the Hohenlohekreis district, the land of castles and palaces between Swabia and Franconia. The city’s historical roots reach back to Roman times and the settlement of “Vicus Aurelianus” which was located right at the Welterbe Limes (world heritage site of limes).

As a dynamic economical location, a booming shopping centre and an attractive residential area, the metropolis of Hohenlohe of today includes a catchment area of more than 80,000 inhabitants.

Shopping in Oehringen is fun for old and young. A large variety of retailers, a balanced mix of industries in the city centre and the shopping centres “Oe-Center” and “Steinsfeldle” at the outskirts of Oehringen offer a rich and versatile shopping experience. 

Residents of Oehringen can engage in and contribute in many different ways to public life. More than 120 different types of clubs and societies are the perfect platform for all kind of leisure activities. Oehringen is also a prime location for schooling and education with more than 6,000 students participating every day.

Just as the town’s educational systems, the urban economic support and an innovative city management are forward-looking, visionary and very pragmatic. The city of short distances offers immense variety, plenty of locational advantages and a high quality of life with urban railway access…

Best regards

Thilo Michler
Lord Mayor